A joyfully calm literary puzzler from the makers of SocratiQ
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Every Puzzle

  • What if you are asked solve thematic word puzzles while pattern matching shapes?
  • What if you can not just solve, but also create those puzzles?
  • What if you can share your creations with your peers and others around the world?
  • What if your hints are a story, a poem, a nonsensical verse or a haiku?
Packed with over 100 puzzles from a community of puzzlers

Unlock creativity, practice spatial reasoning, promote problem solving, improve reading skills in students with this one-of-a-kind word game.

  • It is so much fun creating puzzles. I love to think of ways to confuse my friends.

    Student 12 years old

  • I haven't seen word puzzles shown in different shapes. It is really challenging and made me think. I loved solving my daughter's puzzles.

    Parent of a 11 year old

  • I wish we had this game when the lock-down began. Loved the incredible 2 hour engagement from students.

    Educator Middle School

  • Entertaining game where I can create puzzles, thinking of ways to make it unique and creative, as well as solve some of my friends puzzles

    Student 12 years old

  • The excitement in children when they were trying to solve each others puzzles was incredible. I'm going to be using this a lot even after the pandemic.

    Educator After School Center

  • I love word puzzles. But I am bored with all the puzzles out there. This one I love because I can create my own when I’ve run out of puzzles to solve. I love the challenge of coming up with a unique and interesting puzzle!

    Parent of a 13 year old

A new take on word games

Make, Solve, Read & Relish


Play Forever

So many puzzles to solve — A community of passionate wordsmiths are crafting puzzles every day. Discover new and interesting puzzles through curated and automated lists. Places, things, animals, people, food, drink and more.

So many ideas to execute — What if you run out of puzzles to solve? Not to worry. You can create your very own puzzle. People tell us they like creating puzzles in WordiQt as much as solving them.


Built for Groups

Fun with friends — Create puzzles and share with your circle of friends and peek at what they are making and solving. Word games are double the fun when you play with friends.

Healthy competition — Engage in a friendly race to make and solve puzzles. Get creative, be featured. A little bit of bragging is not so bad.

Classroom Ready — Assignments or group study, use this as a fun way to recall, revise, quiz or challenge.


Creating Word Puzzles has never been more fun

Choose your theme — Find words that match the theme. Run out of words? Research and discover new ones. Think out of the box but inside the grid. Constraints make you creative.

Choose the right shape — Move, Flip, Rotate, Reverse. Strategize to create a puzzle that challenges your friends and makes their win count.

Step up to the challenge — Win the crown by using as many unique shapes as you can.


Solving Puzzles created by your friends is something else

Puzzles made for you — Inside jokes, code words, favorite songs, favorite movies, favorite places, you name it. Puzzles created for you and your friends. By you and your friends.

A Learning Tool — Are you learning something with a friend? Make a puzzle to remember, recall and quiz. Using what you learn helps you retain it longer.

No Pressure — No timers to hurry you. No over the top animations to get you hooked. Calm, simple and satisfying - just the way word games ought to be.


Delicious hints to cherish

Literary Hints — Haiku, Stories, Poetry, Limericks & Verses as hints will leave you smiling.

Connections — How do the words in your puzzle connect? What makes a good story? What makes a good poem? Are you playing or are you learning?

Inspiration — Get inspired. Write your own stories, poems, limericks and verses. Share them with your friends. Share them with us. We'd love to read them.


Safety first

Positive Interactions — Pick an avatar from a list. Change colors to make it yours. No chat, no bullying. Connect with friends through positive, creative engagement.

For All Ages — Want a trusted app for your children or students? We wanted them too. We are building games at Koodup to create positive and joyful learning environments.

Learn more: Our privacy policy is written for humans..

Learning Outcomes

Thoughtful Social Play

5 - 8 YEARS


Problem Solving
Spatial Reasoning



Creative Thinking
Problem Solving
Spatial Reasoning

Families & Learning Groups

Deep thoughtful play for the whole group



Soothing premium tracks


Speed is not rewarded



No hints, No motivational pops, No incentives.


Leaderboards reward effort.



No advertisements

Pop-up Free

No in-app purchases


Friends and Family

Compare yourself with family and friends


Teachers can create puzzles and also solve the ones created by students

What have we preserved?

Play with others
Follow/Friend others
Share your work
Use others' work
Like others' work
Customize preselected avatars
Leaderboards that reward effort

What have we discarded?

No chat
No dislikes / negative feedback
No time based leaderboards
No user generated images
No follower count / list
No advertisements
No addictive incentives


Increase engagement and improve reading skills

Breakout Rooms

After Class Activity

Teacher creates a puzzle to help with student participation and retention

Spaced Assignments


Ask students to create puzzles and solve each others puzzles

Student Engagement

Healthy Interactions

Unstructured but healthy game play to promote peer engagement

Parental Engagement

Family Participation

Have parents be a part of student work by having them create / solve student puzzles


1. What age group is this suitable for?

Younger children (5-8) definitely enjoy solving simple word search puzzles. Some pentomino based word search puzzles can be quite challenging for adults as well. Creating pentomino based puzzles takes it to another level though. A topical pentomino based puzzle on a 10 x 10 grid is quite an accomplishment. In short, there is no harm in trying it out regardless of the age. Our recommendation is 5 years and above for solving puzzles and 7 years and above for creating them.

2. Isn't the restriction of using only 5 letter words limiting?

Constraints breed creativity. Having only 5 letters pushes you to think harder on how to create the topical puzzle, you'd like to create. In fact, some of the most interesting puzzles on wordiqt are made up of non-5-letter words. And some of them are not made up of words at all :)

3. Can I use it on my iPad / Android tablet?

Yes. WordiQt works quite well across all screen resolutions.

4. Does it support multiple languages?

While there is nothing that prevents you from creating puzzles in a different language, we are working on a full-featured multi-language update very soon. In the meantime, if you do create a puzzle in a different language, please let us know. Please email us at [email protected] - it will help us test our multi-language features and perhaps feature your puzzle.

5. Do you serve Ads?

We will not serve Ads on any of the Koodup products. WordiQt is currently experimental. We may charge a small one-time fee later. Schools and institutions requiring private installations will be charged an annual fee.