A joyfully calm literary puzzler from the makers of SocratiQ

Privacy and Safety Policy

We go to great lengths to create calm, welcoming, and hygienic social environments.

What's Our Purpose?

We are here to create safe, playful, joyous environments for people of all ages to make, solve, and play with others.

What We Won't Do!

We do not serve ads. We do not share personal data for any reason.

Why We Store Data?

We collect minimal data to ensure that players can login from multiple devices, and play with their friends.

What do we store?

We store only the data needed to make your experience better.

Email Address

To recover your account if you forget your password or change your device.


To share it with people that you know in real life, so that they can follow you.


Encrypted code known only to you. We do not store plain text passwords.


This is what other players see when they view your content.

Unique Identifier

All your data is tied to this system generated identifier

Device Identifier

To automatically log you in without email and password


To allow you to add your friends and other interesting people to your list

Game Data

To show your progress, achievements and creations

We may store the state of the system when we encounter an error to help our developers fix the issue in future releases.

How do we keep children safe?

The scale of online environments makes it hard to allow peer interaction while guaranteeing safety from bullying and predation. To address this problem, we have allowed positive interactions and discarded potentially unsafe ones.

What have we preserved?

Play with others
Follow/Friend others
Share your work
Use others' work
Like others' work
Customize preselected avatars
Leaderboards that reward effort

What have we discarded?

No chat
No dislikes / negative feedback
No time based leaderboards
No user generated images
No follower count / list
No advertisements
No addictive incentives

How do I get rid of my data?

Super easy. Just send us an email from your registered email address and request us to remove your data. Your account will be deactivated within a few days. After 3 weeks, all your data will vanish from our system.

Send us an email